Thursday, March 10, 2016

Class Will and Testament

Good evening.

While you are all enjoying the ecstatic feeling of the night, let me share to you this story of a boy who has inherited the most precious gift in life. Let us call him Ben. Ben is a teenager who is basically an active and an outgoing lad. One day, Ben decided to take a trip to see and experience the wonders of his own environment. He climbed mountains, trekked the innermost forests, swam the depths of rivers and played with wild animals. Ben is really enjoying being a teenager. Let us be like Ben.

Then one day, Ben got sick. Doctors told him that he is having a serious kidney infection because of immersing himself in contaminated waters during his trip. The only cure, the doctors added, is to remove his two kidneys. Then, Ben got worried. What will happen to him if his kidneys will be removed? Who will give him a kidney? Will he live a normal life? Or worst, will he still live to a ripe age? During this sad moment, Ben kneeled down and prayed.

On the next day, something good happened. Ben was informed that an anonymous man is donating his right kidney to save Ben’s life. Test results showed that they are compatible, and that the operation will be done on that day. Hours passed and the operation was successfully done. Ben was saved—thanks to the anonymous man who gave his right kidney just to save him. Who could that man be? Ben still does not know. Why give something as precious as a kidney? Then, while Ben is enjoying again his life as a teenager, he finally learned the truth. The anonymous man who donated his right kidney to save Ben is also the same man who loved him from the very beginning of his life. Ben knew that the kidney comes from his…father.

What a special moment for Ben and his father. What I learned from the story is this: That during the course of our life, be it happy or sad, someone is going to give us something as precious as our life. 

So ends the story. 

After almost staying for four long years in this humble and kind-hearted institution, we, the senior class of Cabulihan Integrated School, batch 2015–2016, has learned to keep up with the pace of life. We met struggles, developed friendships, embraced happiness, faced humiliations, shed tears and, acted as a family. Above all, we have learned to give back and sacrifice, just like what Ben’s father did in the story.

Months from now, some of us will leave this school with the confidence to face the world and beyond. We will step into a new environment with a rather surprising new experience. What would be left behind this Alma mater are our young successors—the silent yet talented JUNIORS. So, in the occasion of celebrating this first-ever JS PROM, we the SENIOR CLASS do solemnly swear that we are up for the challenge of bequeathing and proclaiming to the JUNIOR HEIRS AND HEIRESSES this Class Will and Testament. 

The leadership and intellectual abilities of Kym Ralph Carnable to Fritz Andrei Tinae. The Mathematical talents of Razel Tamparong and Sheila Mae Jumamil to the budding mathematicians Alice Magsalay and Danicah Mae Jumamil. Moreover, Science enthusiast Aiza Vicoy would like her heir Kobe Bryan Tinae to be passionate about science lessons. 

The great class entertainers and owners of the dance floor Rico Al-os, Jinroe Kilat, Mae Gomera, Windelyn Acain and Dave Samson willfully give honor to Joemark Intencion, Joel Kilat Jr., Roilan Obra, Danilo Niñez and Christine Manusa to lead CIS achieve great things through dancing.

Furthermore, the varsity seniors of volleyball Christian Cañada, Mark Ryan Samson, Niña Sheila Magsalay, Farah Grace Kilat, Celali Lomongot extend their prowess to Mhel Anthony Candido, Justin Bantillan, Ric Duhaylungsod, Lorben Bulay-og and Rhona Gia Sinto.

The future NBA Superstars of Golden State Warriors Kenneth Kilat, Fidel Lomongot, Herbert Parami, Adrian Spencer Salindo, John Paul Paculba and Jesryll Maghanoy bequeaths their ball handling skills to Jason Kilat, Gwendie Francis Miquiabas, Fleint Steven Ogoc, Klent Lomongot and Jan Ryan Lopecillo. 

The good looks of Valeriano Velasquez are handed over to the young heartthrob Ardie Dumasin. 

The leaders in the kitchen and soon-to-be chefs Narciso Siangco and Crystal Jade Balucan give the ingredients to Esthur Emmanuel Manos and Jomar Bulay-og.

The jolliness, enthusiasm and positivity of Jojelyn Bee Kilat to Rosselyn Malanog.

The great beauty artists Rea Mae Al-os, Mary Jane Magsalay and Jennelo Balongag expect Caryl Joy Balucan and Mardine Tambajuyot to walk the runways of Miss Universe.

Likewise, the hardworks of Mark Peden to Agustin Cayongcong. Also, the great landscapers Marc Alcala and Don Sarasap spread their creativity to Johnuelle Baybayon and Christian Tomarong.

I, EJ Gabrielle Samson, an inkblotter, would like Jea Maghanoy to develop a love for creative writing. 

Similarly, the verbal brilliants Rejane Tingcang and Mardine Tambajuyot request Dona Mae Tomarong to use language for good.

Lastly, Faith Cañizares, the leader of the band, ever energetic, cute but tough would like the heiress Neriza Mae Yting to embody and radiate the optimism built in every learner of Cabulihan Integrated School.

There you have it! The senior class of Cabulihan Integrated School knowingly bestows our talents, skills and abilities to the junior class. You are Ben while we are the father. We give to you what we could hand over and we hope that you will use these for the good of all. As our future successors, we pray that you will symbolize the ideals of being a great learner. WE ARE ALL ONE THIS TIME!

To our great Alma Mater, Cabulihan Integrated School, thank you very much for molding and teaching us how be a human. All the lessons we have learned both in the four walls of the classroom and outside of it, have been monumental in radically changing our viewpoint in life. So let me take this opportunity to thank these individuals, for without them we would be nothing.

To the school administrators Ma’am Jenney Mercader and Ma’am Gene Gica, thank you for maintaining the atmosphere in the school.

To our lively elementary teachers Ma’am Analou Aniñon; Ma’am Emma Suminguit; Ma’am Johnalyn Ogao-ogao; Ma’am Delie Atay; Ma’am Rowen Miquibas; Ma’am Nenia Lastimado; Ma’am Nisa Fernandez and Sir Redson Ramos, thank you so much for teaching us our first ABCs and 123s.

Finally, to our ever-patient and understanding secondary teachers Ma’am Rhea Glenn Solitana; Ma’am Alje Marie Mirasol; Ma’am Maricar Oyog; Ma’am Gemma Magadan; Ma’am Lina Paglinawan; Ma’am Riza Magsayo; Ma’am Vilma Poligrates; Sir Lonnie Sumalpong, Sir Erick Solita and Sir Albert Umbac—we assure you all that the experiences and teachings you have imparted on us will never be forgotten…forever. 

Most importantly, we thank our Almighty Father for guiding us as we traverse this student life here at Cabulihan Integrated School.

Dear juniors, thank you as well. We may be parted sooner but we know that you will always be part of the circle of friendship we built in here. Let us learn to bend our knees just like what Ben did in the story. And let us be like Ben’s father who is willing to sacrifice himself just for the sake of a very precious person in our life. Hush now, don’t cry! Goodbye isn’t forever, instead I, in behalf of all the seniors, gratefully say: Till we meet again!

In testimony hereof, we affix our signature on this 17th day of February in the year of our Lord Two thousand and Sixteen at Cabulihan Integrated School, Cangmalalag, Larena, Siquijor.


EJ Gabrielle Samson
Class President, Batch 2015–2016

Razel Tamparong
Class Vice-President, Batch 2015–2016

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