Tuesday, November 17, 2020


They were alone in a room.
She pleaded him to her only intention:
Of making her feel that spine-tingling sensation,
That can only be felt through a multiple insertion.

He drew closer to her.
She relaxed without a shudder.
He showed her his "object of desire",
Then she gave him a beguiling flare.

They were alone in a room.
So he finally inserted his thing-
A long, flexible and rounded yet soft to the touch,
To her narrow opening that none have passed.

She exclaimed ohhs and ahhs while in a room.
He continued to maneuver her tiny opening.
Then she told him to change position,
And continue the feeling that can only be felt through several insertions.

They were alone in the room.
Till they both felt the climactic ending of their desires.
They lasted only for 5 minutes,
Well that is enough for cleaning someone else's ears.

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