Friday, September 19, 2014

Rude People You’ll Meet on Earth


Let’s face this fact: We have all the rights to become who we are; yet we fail to recognize other’s rights when we hit them point-blank with ours. We act because we want to without knowing that we commit the rudest flaw in the foible part of being a human.

Why you gotta be so rude?

With billions of people on earth right now, certainly there would be billions of ways of becoming rude. The place we’re living (or working—for my part) is a melting-pot of people who have no intention of getting along with others, and whose only purpose in life is to ruin someone else’s peace of mind. They pester potentially un-armed weaklings forcing the latter to subside or fly away, thus throwing sensibility to the wind.

Don’t you know I’m human too? 

Rude people pay no attention of their action—mean or rude action for that matter—and constantly do it whenever or wherever they want to. Take John’s part as an example. This bloke has seen the rudest ways of how people act when put into a room of not their own. As a high school teacher, John (not his real name) is being disturbed by thoughts of lost scissors, stolen light bulbs, gone away brooms, dirty classroom and even, untidy chalk and whiteboards—all of these done by the Insensitive Boarders (IBs).

The IBs also do not care if they hurt someone, because what they are after to is their own benefit. Just selfish imbeciles! Gone were the days that John feels that all is well after the IBs started boarding near his room. And gone were the days of a trash less classroom and clean lavatories because these things now only exist on his mind—right after what has happened to a commotion of used panty liners.


To all the IBs in the world, take Magic’s Rude as your theme song.


  1. hmmm. i hope the example is metaphorical, or maybe not. whoever they are, i wish you all the best. just heave ho, inhale, exhale. :D haha

  2. After all, these will leave us life lessons. :)

  3. I like your mouse pointer XD.

    Rude. Even though we're not really trying to be rude, there's a big chance pa din na other people will find our actions rude. What's worse is that in our days now, people don't care to be sensitive enough with other people's culture. Or perhaps its just me in a much more exposed environment.

    I don't know John >_<


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