Tuesday, November 4, 2014

There is a gap in the sky that trees can't reach

The sky is colored gray, not the usual hue I was born to see. While I am typing this, a class is going on and I am left in my own little room against this rainy Tuesday morning.

I wonder what's happening above, whether the gods are crying while seeing my fellow countrymen kill each other or whether these little drops of rain are just the stars that usually shine bright in the night. But I am wrong!

I wonder. If all the people in the world thinks like what I am doing, then probably, most probably, there would be no room for any argument. In doing so, wars would not exist and people have the right to create vivid imageries of their own reasoning. There is a gap in the sky that trees can't reach, while humans have gaps due to their own thinking. People hate each other because they love it, and not because they hate it. Others pretend that they are somebody but when viewed from up above, we are all equal.

Then I wonder again. If we all think like there are always two choices in life---between good and bad---then the world will be a safe place to live in. But I think others are not thinking like I am. Once the news featured a young man molesting a year old child to death, and left the poor body below a ram-shackled van. He did what he wanted, and surely there is no second choice in doing so. His carnal desires were fulfilled but what's left is the death of a young child.

People don't think like I am. I am not bragging but I am telling the truth. The world is a melting pot of several organisms whose only purpose is to survive. Since the fittest of all survives, others tend to think the easiest choice they could grab without minding the consequences that follow.

Whether it's good (I hope!) or bad (I hope not!), let us all think like tomorrow will always bring us to a new day. Gracias people. Gracias.


Make sure that's not rude or else I'll drag you to Hades!